Our present Local Service Opportunity is designed primarliy,  to provide services for women who are working, worshiping, or residing in the Fort Wayne, Indiana 46808 zip code.  Women from other areas are welcome to  attend.  Group meetings are presently held on one Tuesday, and two Thursdays per month, with the possibility of expanding the number of meetings, as the  program  grows.  The program is called WIN (Women's In Night).  The women attending the group meetings are given opportunities for food, fellowship, occasional field trips,"Winsome Thoughts", a time of sharing prayer requests with prayer, and an evening  with activity, which may be games, a  discussion, or a craft.


Past Local Service Opportunities have been at a local shelter for women and children experiencing homelessness, and service at a hospitality center for parents of hospitalized children.  We have also conducted five local Christian Women's Conferences.





Mentoring Moms has  presented five global Christian Women's Leadership Conferences: one in Nicaragua in 2010; three in Haiti in 2011, 2012, 2013, and one in Nairobi, Kenya, Africa in 2014.


We are partnering with World Partners and Creative Women of the World for an African Reverse Ministry Project and are sponsoring four Kenyan Christian Women, to come to Fort Wayne, Indiana to be Key Note Speakers and Workshop Speakers, at the African Reverse Christian Women's Conference.  This event will give attendees the  opportunity to learn what a Christian  Woman's life is like in Kenya, Africa.  Mentoring Moms desires to plan the conference to be interactive, so that attendees may taste Kenyan food, talk with the Kenyan Women, and shop in a "Kenyan Market".  The African Reverse Christian Women's Conference will be held  Sept 16-17, 2016 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Venues have been reserved, and determination of the venue will be  announced in August 2016, after evaluation of the number of pre-registrations.


The African Reverse Ministry Conference (ARMC) will be conducted in a similar manner as the Mentoring Moms' Africian Christian Women's  Conference and will hold several surprises!  Women attending the Conference  will enjoy the event more if they are  flexible, and willing to try new things.  We will immerse ourselves in "Visiting Kenya" and enjoy the Kenyan Women's leadership in worship!





Red Rose Sweets is the Fundraising Division of Mentoring Moms, which was mainly developed to raise funds for a Ministry Team to conduct a Christian  Women's Conference  in Nairobi, Kenya in September 2014.  The Red Rose Sweets Team made and sold candy to  individuals and businesses.  This group has operated under the guidelines of  the Fort Wayne - Allen County Board of Health, in order to make candy.  This Division of Mentoring  Moms can be available to develop any fund raising programs that the Leadership of Mentoring Moms considers to be advisable for either Local or Global Ministries.


Red Rose Sweets specializes in handmade candies and makes sweets according to the customers' specific tastes.


A sample of what we offer:

  • Assortment Boxes of chocolates with your logo on the box

  • Thank you candy bars with your logo on the box, the wrapper and/or the candy bar

  • Catering for your company's chocolate tasting event

  • Possible Selections:

                Raspberry Truffles

                Soft Caramel Nuggets

                Chocolate Almond Truffles

                Caramel Pecan Patties

                French Chocolate Truffles

                Peppermint Thins

                Espresso Mounds

                Coconut Truffles

                Red Hot Mamas

  • Ask about more Exotic options


Orders For Red Rose Sweets - Contact:

   Dianne Stitzer @ diannestitzer@yahoo.com


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